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Amulets - Past and Present.

The Latest Amulets

Limited Edition Direct From Kruba Krissana

Salika BE2537  




Salika made by Krube in 1994 BE2537 from light brown powder approximately 61mm x 41mm.

Set in the Salika are ten red gems stones and further gems around the handmade waterproof casing. 

Engraved signature and Yant on back of the amulet.

This amulet can be seen in the King of Butterfly amulet book (pages 50 and 51) by Kruba.

Benefits better speech for business and relationships. 


Price - 0000B 


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Kruba Krissana Bucha

60th Birthday Kruba Krissana Gold Bucha Limited Edition for this batch by Kruba Krissana

This Buchas was made very earlier on and was kept with him for a period of time and blessing by Master Kruba personally.Serial Number engrave on the back 32.



190mmH x 150mmW x 130mmD



Year - BE2556

Price - 20500B

Code - Bucha/1



Also available is a Kruba Krissana Black Bucha .Code number 354


Year - BE2556

Price - 10500B

Code - Bucha/2

NEW  Thep Salika Pan Kru Sak Buriram

To help fund the building of the New Temple in Buriram, Kruba has made this amulet.


This amulet is 60mm x 40mm made from Black powder ,

Set in the front two red gems make the eye of the Nok . Set in the back takrat and temple seal with Kruba's Yant.




Amulet Price - 3500฿  Final Price including shipping.


Year - BE2557

Powder - Black

Price - 3500B

Code - N15/01

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NEW    61st Birthday Amulets

           Block A  Amulets

Prices normally including shipping.


Casing extra unless stated.

Casing available on request.


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