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Certificate of Authenticity signed by Kruba

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Never Die Block A Butterfly Amulet Second Edition

Never Die Amulet Second Batch

Block A amulets are 50mm x 37mm made from white powder for Vesak Day BE2560. Remade to help fund to rebuilding of the Wat Asom Suan.


Final Price includes Shipping , Stainless Casing and Certificate .






  • Available

Vishnu Naria Handmade by Kruba 2nd Batch

Narai Batch No 2 made on the 5th December 2016 BE2558 the amulet is approximately are 60mm x 40mm.

Set under Vishnu gold takrat HANDMADE BY KRUBA and on the reverse side a Yang with five gems, Buddha relic and temple seal. Custom handmade casing waterproof from deer antler.


Limited edition amulet which was handmade by Kruba.


This amulet was hold by Kruba and only released by Kruba for the Lunar and Chinese New Year  2017


Final Price includes express shipping.


Year - 5th December 2016

Powder - Green / White

Price -  please contact

Code - Narai2



For more details Please Contact Natcha on WeChat or WhatsApp 

Vishnu holding a padma (lotus flower) in the lower left hand, the Kaumodaki gada (mace) in the lower right hand, the Panchajanya shankha (conch) in the upper left hand and the discus weapon Sudarshana Chakra in the upper right hand.




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Powder - Grey

Price -  *****THB

Code - Narai 1


Block A Narai


Mong Cow with Naria made for 2016/7 New Year and the construction of new facility's at the temple.

Four gems set in the butterfly and eight around naria with gold takrat. 


Amulets complete with stainless casing and includes shipping.


Year - BE2558

Powder - White

Code - A Block Narai


Protect your business or use bring lucky for owner.Danger Obstacles Cease, Charms, Loving Kindness, Increased halo and fame, Working Smooth, Wealth, Bring Lucky and Happiness.


  • Available

Temple Goods

Temple Powder Bead Necklace

the necklace is made from multi colour powder

Approximately 52cm long and the beads are 10mm wide

Loop for Amulet

Price includes Shipping


Year - 2560

Powder - Multi

Price - 2500THB

Code - Temple Necklace



  • Available

Dragon eat Dragon

Centre price amulet painted in a gold or silver casing with three rings and included is the necklace.


Year - BE2560

Powder - Black/White

Price - 2500THB 

Code - Dragon eat Dragon


For payment please use Buy Online Temple Goods and from the drop down selection


The Erawan Bomb Butterfly Amulet

On 17 August 2015, at 18:55 local time, an explosive device detonated near Erawan Shrine, killing 20 people and injuring 125. 

The bomb was placed in the shrine grounds next to a metal railing. The statue was slightly damaged.   

Special Birthday Limited Edition 1st August Butterfly Amulet


A Taiwanese man escaped death in the Erawan bomb blast. He believes the amulet he was wearing at the time saved him from death and serious injury .

The man partner met with Kruba to thank him and make a donation.


First and original batch of amulets Butterflyamulet.com has a stock limited of this amulets.These amulets were engraved by Kruba and are in great demand now.


Year - BE2558

Powder - Black

Price - Please contact Natcha and ask  

Code - Bomb Amulet


WeChat ID. -  butterflyamulet


Direct from Kruba

135mm x 85mm made from metal and filled with white powder, in the base a Khun Paen, a large takrat , shell and kruba robe.


Cost - 3900THB


For any further information please WeChat  (ID.. butterflyamulet)

or Email to natcha@butterflyamulet.com


Jumbo Butterfly in a Display Stand

Amulet is approximately 58mm x 44mm  made in 2013 BE2556 from pink  powder, around the butterfly are seven gems and two takrats.  On the reverse side four red gems around Lord Buddha with hand painted flowers and butterfly's.


Amulet is encase in a hard plastic and fits in a clear display stand.


 Year - BE2556

Powder - Pink

Price - 6500THB


For any further details on payment or shipping please contact WeChat or email.




  • Available

Salika Pha Yant by Kruba

Teacher Day Salika Amulet

Salika Amulet made for Teacher Day 14th February 2017 engraved by Kruba.

Code NK27/01 click on button below

Loy Krathong Amulet


Special Amulet direct from Kruba .

Somdej with eight gems and gold takrat.

The dragon was painted over by Kruba. 


Temple Box and Certificate



Year - BE2558

Powder - Brown

Code - LK01/01

Price - 9000THB


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Butterfly Takrats in waterproof casings with lacework and necklaces of any combinations you wish .


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61st Birthday Amulets

           Butterfly Amulets                                                 Block A 


All prices are given in Thai Baht

Prices normally including shipping .

Express Shipping on request with Tracking available

Casing extra unless stated.

Casing different available on request.


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Amulets - Past and Present.

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