Kruba Baeng is the abbot of Wat Ban Tanod, Non Sung, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

He was born on the 15th August 2596 in Nakhon Ratchasima, under a family who practise traditional healing arts and medicine. Kruba Baeng was 12 years old when he graduated from elementary school, and decided to further study  traditional medicine, learning to treat diseases with drugs and herbs. Kruba Baeng also had the opportunity to study the scriptures written in ancient Khmer characters where ancient medical doctrines were recorded. Earning the reputation as a doctor, Kruba Baeng gained respect from many people in the village.

Kruba Baeng begins his pilgrimage into the deep Laos forest to practice spiritual arts in healing and Laos Magic. In BE 2521, at the age of 25 year, Kruba Baeng entered the priesthood to continue his spiritual training until BE 2536, where he received news of his father falling ill with symptoms of paralysis. He soon returned to continue his training and was promoted to a higher priesthood in BE 2550. Kruba Baeng is knowledgeable in the Dhamma and Laos magical arts.

He is well known and respected for his Salika Birds Amulets and said to be the most beautiful in Thailand, thus Thai locals named him as “The Salika King".  Kruba Baeng and Kruba Kissana went through training under the same master, known as Archan Singharas, whom was a Lersi. When coming to seniority, Kruba Baeng is senior to Kruba Kissana. Kruba Baeng is a keeper of the traditional methodology in making effective and powerful Salika Amulets.

Kruba Baeng uses extensive ingredients such as nectar, pollens, petals, holy soil and even gemstones in his amulets. Most of Kruba Baeng's amulets are small and easy to carry or wear, and praised by many devotees that his Salika amulets carry strong aroma. Kruba Baeng's Salika Amulets can help improve human relationships in love, attracting opposite sex. In business application, Salika Amulets can achieve improvement in sales, widening business circle, bringing wealth and great fortune.