Wat Asom Suan Visit

Kruba Krissana

Natcha will act as your guide at the Wat Asom Suan and introduce you to Kruba Krissana for blessing.

Collection from Bangkok Airports or Hotel by Taxi or Minivan on private hire. The journey from Bangkok to Wat Asom Suan Temple in Nakhon Ratchasima takes over three hours.

Most visits are a day trip but for an overnight stay we can arrange booking at a modern and clean hotel nearby.

For booking a temple visit I will need to know the following :- 

Full Name

Flight Number or Hotel Full Address,

How many people will be visiting

and if possible mobile number or WhatsApp/WhatChat.


Natcha will translate English to Thai for you.


For bookings please contact Natcha Smisson 

Call - +66 848314912 

WeChat ID - butterflyamulet

Whatsapp - butterflyamulet  +66 848 314912

Email - natcha@butterflyamulet.com

Butterfly Amulet visitors photos of blessings and Sak Yant

Wat Saman Mit

After visiting Wat Asom Suan you may like to visit the nearby temple of Wat Saman Mit  

Wat Asom Suan